International COnference on MIcrowave TEchniques, Pardubice, Czech Republic, September 2001

Organised jointly by

Call for Papers and other information (Adobe Acrobat PDF format) available for download.
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General information

The continues a long row of local and international conferences on microwave and radar techniques, held in Pardubice since 1975. East Bohemia is a region with extensive radioengineering industry, research and development. The tradition has been started as early as in 1919. It became well-known due to hundreds of radars developped and manufactured by TESLA over last twenty years, including famous passive system TAMARA.


There will be an exhibition associated with the conference

Producers forum

Companies will present technically oriented oral contributions at the FORUM.
COMITE'2001 steering committee head: Pavel Bezousek
Further information can be obtained from the conference secretary
Ing. Milan Pavel
Univerzita Pardubice
Studentska 84
532 10 Pardubice
Czech Republic
tel: +420-40-6036031, fax +420-40-6036011

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